2GUD: A Platform By Flipkart For Refurbished Electronic Devices


Flipkart has introduced 2GUD, a brand new platform for the sale of refurbished merchandise. This may cater specifically to a spread of electronic merchandise, as well as smartphones, laptops, wearable devices, and more. Currently, 2GUD will be accessed solely on mobile because the desktop website remains below development.

The unveiling of 2GUD comes when Flipkart has confirmed the sale of the India arm of eBay that it had purchased last year. Because it stands, the Indian e-commerce platform can still sell new merchandise, whereas refurbished merchandise can only out there on 2GUD. Also, Flipkart is accountable for the standard assurance of 2GUD’s product vary, which can sell solely verified and licensed merchandise. concerning their coupling, Flipkart has aforementioned in a very press statement that its intensive network across the Republic of India can watch out of merchandise that has variable warranties, between 3 to 12 months.

“As a market leader, Flipkart has continuously tried to unravel for the Republic of India and supply a lot of fulfilling searching expertise in each side,” aforementioned Kalyan Krishnamurthy, CEO, Flipkart. “With 2GUD, we’ve removed the trust deficit that exists within the refurbished merchandise market, and beside the additional convenience, are giving customers yet one more avenue to access quality merchandise at the cheapest costs.”

2GUD, though, isn’t the primary venture from Flipkart to expand its online business. In Sept last year, the e-commerce large had inheritable F1 data Solutions, a corporation dedicated to pan-India mobile and IT services. This has currently been integrated into Jeeves that provides home appliances and the piece of furniture.

Further explaining the objectives of 2GUD, Anil Goteti, VP, Flipkart, said, “2GUD more leverages Flipkart’s capabilities within the service and support network to form it the well-liked destination for certified, great-quality refurbished merchandise.” Goteti is heading 2GUD aboard Flipkart Marketplace.

After closing down eBay.in, the Republic of India operations of the e-commerce website that it inheritable last year, Flipkart lately launched its new website to sell solely refurbished merchandise. Named 2GUD, the portal is like several alternative e-commerce website mercantilism electronic things, however, has solely certified refurbished brands at low costs for price consumers.

At present, the refurbished store is mercantilism mobile phones, laptops, good watches, tablets and streaming devices. Within the coming back days, Walmart-owned Flipkart can launch speakers, power banks, good assistants, hair dyer, hair device, TV sets and alternative four hundred product classes.

According to the new e-commerce portal, 2GUD sells solely unused and came merchandise or used merchandise that is rebuilt to full practicality by professionals. Every product is certified and hierarchic by consultants at F1 data Solutions and Services or alternative partners of Flipkart. All merchandise is certified to be totally purposeful.

Flipkart chief executive officer Kalyan Krishnamurthy aforementioned with 2GUD, the e-commerce major has removed the trust deficit that exists within the refurbished merchandise market.

“The refurbished merchandise market has remained extremely fragmented and unorganized despite its size, primarily because of complicated processes, and missing assurance on the standard of merchandise. not like existing C2C (customer-to-customer) platforms, 2GUD offers associate degree unionized house empty of regular buyer-seller interactions, that simplifies the method for each parties,” aforementioned Anil Goteti, VP, Flipkart, who are heading 2GUD beside Flipkart Marketplace.

According to the e-commerce, the refurbished merchandise market is predicted to be a $20 billion market in 5-6 years.

2GUD has been extended on mobile website at the start and can be out there on a desktop before long. Flipkart is additionally commencing with a mobile app.

You will notice merchandise divided into five grades of refurbishing:

  1. Unboxed like new: Unused with zero scratches. 12-month warranty.
  2. Refurbished superb: Minimally used with negligible scratches.
  3. Refurbished terribly good: Moderately used with negligible scratches.
  4. Refurbished good: Extensively used with visible scratches.
  5. Refurbished okay: Heavily used with vital scratches.

Flipkart says all merchandise listed on this website goes through a rigorous 47-step quality check. For a portable, for instance, everything from its screens to batteries is tested. If any elements are found faulty, then the half is replaced and also the phone is replaced to its full practicality.

Flipkart is giving three to 12-month warrant across product classes.

eBay.in that was sold by American e-commerce company eBay to Flipkart in 2017 had stopped to accept new orders from ordinal August when that it absolutely was clear that Flipkart can launch a brand new portal before long.

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