Apple Inc. Plans to Build-up a Smart Car: A Big Game Plan by rehiring ex-Tesla Engineering Head

If you’re trying to find some hints that Apple would possibly deliver on its long-rumoured plans to develop its own car, a big one landed in the week once it emerged that Doug Field — Apple’s former VP of Mac hardware engineering — has joined again from the industry after a spell with Tesla.

John Gruber at Daring Fireball stone broke the news of Mr. Field returning to Apple following 5 years at Tesla wherever he oversaw the assembly of Tesla’s Model 3.

Apple Inc. confirmed during a statement that it has Mr. Field once again for this big plan, however it denied to provide additional information regarding this role. Gruber reports, however, that Mr. Field can join up with Bob Mansfield, the previous colleague he worked with on the waterproof hardware business. Mansfield is the person who has been heading up Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ car project, having been tempted back and out of retirement, therefore there’s a plenty to perforate.

There have been many speculations regarding the close-lipped Project Titan, most notably it absolutely was reportable in 2016 that Apple had abandoned plans to develop an automotive. Instead, it absolutely was aforementioned to be centred on autonomous driving technology. Whereas the project remains pretty opaque and difficult to determine, the hiring of the person who oversaw Tesla production — right once Apple cooked a Waymo self-driving engineer — may be a pretty fascinating clue that implies Apple could be invigorating plans to develop a car one more time.

Bob Mansfield stepped down from the Apple executive board in 2013, yet stayed around the company to work on, what Apple called, extraordinary projects. One of Mansfield’s projects turned out to be the Apple Watch. Now he will be heading the Apple’s car ambitions — a project Apple has yet to publicly confirm.

Apple had declared in June 2012 that Mansfield, who had joined the company back in 1998, had plans to retire from the post of senior Vice President of hardware engineering. Mansfield then changed his mind two months later, however, and stayed at Apple Inc. as a senior Vice President of technologies. It was reported that Mansfield decided to stay after the iOS software lead Scott Forstall left.

During his tenure Mansfield led the engineering teams responsible for numerous products that include the MacBook Air, iMac, and the iPad.

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