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Dining area is one of the most active areas of any home! From breakfast to dinner, there is a lot happening around a dining table. Well, it is not surprising that the table witnesses a lot of spills, stains and food droppings that are unsightly. Also, if dining table and chairs are not cleaned properly to remove the food residue, it can become the breeding ground for bacteria and allergens. This can result in risk of infections and illness among children, pets and other members of the household. So, while choosing a dining table for home, maintenance is an important deciding criterion. Another problem with spills and stains is that it causes permanent damage to the fabric of your dining chair. When you invest in getting the best dining table for your home, you surely don’t want to lose the look and appeal of it.

Well, maintaining your dining table and chairs is surely important! But what if you could protect the fabric from permanent damage? Well, it is surely possible with the help of slipcovers.

Benefits of Slipcovers for Dining Chairs

  • Slipcovers are easy to maintain! Most slipcover fabrics are machine washable. You simply need to remove the cover, wash it and out it back. It will be as good as new.
  • Placing slipcovers is really easy! They are held in place with ties, elastic, zippers and more.
  • You can get custom slipcovers made to the specifications of your dining chair. So you do not have to worry about ill-fitting, loose slipcovers taking away the look of your dining table.
  • You can keep two sets of different style of slipcovers for your dining chairs. It will help you change the look of your interiors and bring versatility. There is an endless selection of styles, colors and patterns to choose from.
  • It helps maintain your expensive dining chairs and enhance its life, appeal and look.

Slipcovers for dining chairs are a reward! Here are few innovative custom dining chair slipcovers ideas that you can use for inspiration –

  • If you have chairs with long legs, you can opt for a full cover chair slip cover. Slipcovers that have ribbons to be tied at the back are the easiest ones to remove and wash. You can add bit of color to your décor with colored full length slipcovers.
  • For seat, you can ruffles to the base of the seat. It will give a contemporary look to the chair. Ruffles look elegant, stylish yet chic. Ruffles slip covers in pastel pink or polka dots look amazing.
  • If you do not want a complete fitted look to the slipcover, you can let the fabric hang loose on the seat. You can also give a ruffled look to the cover on the base.
  • Add an element of comfort to the dining chairs with pillow cases on the back. You can also go for a quilted slipcover if you do not want to add a pillow separately. Avoid the concept of pillow if the dining chairs are small or have a smaller sitting base.
  • In case you do not want to cover the chairs, customize your slipcovers. Ask the designer to make the cover only for the back and seating area of the chair. If you have colored metal chairs or do not want to cover the entire chair with a fabric, simply choose upholstery fabric for the seating area of the chair.
  • Depending on your interiors of your home, you need a seat cover that complements the décor of your home. If the interiors are in simple basic colors, printed slipcovers are a great way of adding color to the room. Colorful floral prints in bright colors on a light background always look good and elegant. If you do not want floral print, you can also opt for polka dots or colored stripes.
  • Are you unable to pick a color for the slipcover? Well, go to the curtains of your home for inspiration. If you have a single color shade plain curtains, use the same shade for chairs to maintain consistency. If the curtains are in multiple colors, choose the base shade or any one shade for the slipcovers.
  • Be creative when it comes to chair slipcovers. Think outside the box for ideas and concepts. There is a lot to play with right from colors and materials to patterns. Mix and match for the perfect combination.
  • If you want something that is easy to maintain, sturdy and resistant to wear and tear, opt for leather type of fabrics. It will also bring a modern, frills-free and stylish look to the chairs.
  • You can create a theme in your dining room with chair slipcovers. For example, if you have selected a yellow colored slipcover, add a flower pot with yellow flowers on the table. You can also use the same color time for the table mats and table runner. You can also add paintings in similar shades on wall adjoining the dining area. Adding a low hanging light or a chandelier will also enhance the overall appeal.

Slipcovers are an ideal way to give a stylish makeover to your ordinary looking dining room chairs! Functional, practical and easy to maintain, slipcovers are a real value addition to your home. In fact, if you have mismatched chairs or old worn out chairs, slipcovers are all you need to change their appearance. Transform your dining room with stylish chairs today!

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