Best Travel Destinations In The U. S. For A Perfect Weekend

Travelling is the most precious way to store your memories. It is also the best thing one ever experiences and enjoys throughout. Even nature is at its best if it’s time to travel in springs. So, what are you thinking of? Pack your bags and get reading further because we are now going to suggest you some of the best places to visit in the United States of America that’ll surely please you.

The U. S. has a lot of numerous cities and attractions that it’s tough to trim down the list to the 5 prime travel destinations. These are the destinations most frequently cited as the places to check before you die. In other words, you can say of claiming they must be on your bucket list. This list is an introduction to the simplest and hottest places for traveling within the US, from hotspots in New York City to check once the cherry blossoms in Washington.

Ashville, North Carolina

With its spectacular views across the southern Appalachians, and also the Appalachian Trail, that runs right down the Main Street, Ashville has marked a great tourism impact on the tourists over the globe. Its adjacency to the Great Smoky Mountains makes it an excellent commencement for hiking or simply jaw-dropping drives through the mountains. Just rent a convertible for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. In town, the biggest palace in America, the Biltmore designed by Goerge W. Vanderbilt at the time of the Gilded Age. It makes for jaw-dropping of a distinct kind. Have your evenings spent in the downtown Asheville, that is explosive with music, art, and restaurants here deserve serious foodies.


Chicago attracted around 50 million domestic leisure travelers, 11 million domestic business travelers, and one million overseas guests. These guests contributed over USD 13.7 billion to Chicago’s economy. Upmarket shopping on the Magnificent Mile and State Street, thousands of restaurants, likewise as Chicago’s eminent design, still attract most of the tourists. Chicago is the country’s 3rd largest convention terminal.

Las Vegas

The major attractions in the urban center are the casinos and hotels, though in recent years alternative new attractions have begun to emerge.

Las Vegas, in Nevada’s Mohave Desert, could be a resort town renowned for its vivacious nightlife, focused around 24-hour casinos and alternative recreation choices. Its main street and focus point is that the Strip, simply over four miles long. This city rests in itself to themed hotels having attractive displays corresponding to fountains synchronous to music yet as replicas of the associate Egyptian pyramid, the Venetian Grand Canal, and therefore the Eiffel Tower.

Las Vegas is the well known global center for gambling. The most important and most notable casinos and buildings are set there. Most casinos within the downtown space are set on Fremont Street, with The Stratosphere being one amongst the exceptions.


Washington, the capital of the US, has a number of museums and monuments—almost all of that is free. That is only one reason why it’s one in every of the foremost visited cities within the country, particularly for families and college teams. it is the excellent place to be told regarding U.S. history at places like residence; the White House; the Capitol; Georgetown; and Alexandria, together with museums just like the Smithsonian, the National depository of yank History.

The Grand Canyon

Measuring roughly 277 watercourse miles long, up to 18 miles in breadth and a mile deep, this large opening in northern Arizona is actually a natural marvel. For 6 million years, the Grand Canyon has distended with the assistance of the mighty Colorado River, and for 100 of years; individuals from every part of the world have been traveling here to have a look at its beauty blended with the red and orange shades.

Grand Canyon is mainly meant for hardcore hiking. The South Rim – home to the Grand Canyon Village and therefore the well-worn Bright Angel path – is especially common for sightseers and hikers.

New York City

As the most inhabited town within the U.S. – set at the forefront of food, fashion and also the arts – NYC needs stamina. Here wander booming taxis that zip down active blocks, fast pedestrians that stroll past towards their to marquee galleries and stylish cocktail bars, and Times Square’s atomic neon street lights flickering 24X7 throughout the whole year. And yet, the city’s twinkling lights and chaotic corners conjointly invite you to embrace each big apple minute, explore each territory and build your own urban journey. There are endless ways to linger within the town that will never sleep.

There exist many more places which you can check-out where you can spend time

  • Yellowstone
  • Maui
  • Yosemite
  • San Francisco
  • Honolulu
  • Boston
  • San Diego
  • New Orleans
  • Seattle
  • Miami
  • Charleston

Closing Statements

From beaches to huge and ever charged cities, U. S. A. has marked its existence in tourism since long. People who are fond of traveling and hiking should visit the aforementioned at least once in their lifetime.


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