Important Tips on Shipping Goods from the US to Kenya

Shipping goods from one place to another within a country is not an issue. But when it comes to transferring them from one country to another one is a big challenge. Many things need to be taken care of before it is planned to transfer goods, which is a quite time-consuming process and also costs a lot.

Many people staying in the United States of America are seen sending things to their loved ones who live in Kenya. Shipping to Kenya form the U.S. can be done by all three means, i.e. road, water or air, but the doing it by air is obviously a good idea. But first, some important points should be taken care of before you plan to ship anything.

  1. Best shipping service

Shipping goods at longer distances is not a tense-free thing and hence a proper care should be taken by the shipping agencies so that the goods do not get destroyed. For this, before you visit a shipping agency, try getting a deep information regarding its back history, its way of working and management, its customers, price range they provide, the countries to which they ship goods, etc. Knowing all this will help you decide the best shipping services and give you a big relief is the agency is the best in all aspects.

  1. Getting a quote

Saving money is not an easy thing in case of sending couriers, and when it comes to shipping goods to countries abroad, it becomes a more stressful job. Many shipping agencies are now web-based which makes it easy for their customers to send couriers. The costing of goods to be shipped mainly depends on its dimensions, its category, the country and distance through which it is to be shipped, the delivery time you expect, etc. when you have decided these things, it becomes easier for you to get a quote for shipping.

  1. Restrictions on shipping goods

Before you plan to ship anything to Kenya from the U.S., you should have the knowledge of what is legal to ship and what is not allowed. Kenya has a list of imports that are not allowed into the country. The things disallowed include duplicate copies of money, materials related to pornography, oils, drugs, chemicals (industrial and agricultural), harmful waste, etc. along with these, the other non-allowable things are metals and stones (the one which is not refined), bones, arms and ammo, and sponge.

  1. Shipping of Left Hand Drive (LHD) vehicles

Kenya is a country where Left Hand Drive vehicles are prohibited. One can ship a Right-Hand Drive vehicle to Kenya paying no duties on it if the person is away from the country for more than a year. The customs will clear the vehicle shipping if it is eight years old or is much newer than that.

  1. Shipping time

The most important thing while shipping goods is the time that is going to take place for sending goods from one country to another. It should be well known to the one who is going to ship anything to their loved ones. The time required for the shipping of goods through waterways from the United States of America to Mombasa (Kenya) is nothing less than 6 weeks.


Shipping goods internationally is not a risk-free job, but if the above aspects are taken care of you can have tension-free shipping. Just try to gather all the possible information about shipping via a web or opt for guidance. Always remember that never take decisions hurriedly related to such a work.

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