The Craze Behind A High Fat Diet

There has been a major dispute since ages for choosing between low fat and high fat diets. There’s a misconception that a low fat diet is best appropriate for one’s body while some go for a high fat diet, thinking it to be the best ones. As many of the researches made have proven that high fat diets are the best for burning more amounts of calories and hence resulting in effective levels of fat loss. Let us see some scientific reasons as to why one should consume a diet rich in high fats:

  • Consuming fats helps in burning your body-fat
  • It helps in burning calories
  • One can eat less if he/she eats high fat meals
  • Eating high fat diets makes you feel more satisfactory as compared to consuming carbohydrates
  • One consumes less food if he/she eats fats before meal

It is scientifically proven that eating fat makes you oxidize a greater amount of fat for ATP. If consumed a diet consisting of high-fat and low carbohydrate content, one’s body uses fat as a fuel for burning the body-fat.

One interesting thing is that the high-fat is not the one which results in burning the body-fat, but it is the unavailability of carbohydrates which proves for losing the fat. If you eat a diet rich in both carbohydrates and fats, the effect would be neutral. The same is in the case of foods with low levels carbohydrates and low-fat food. Eating more fat utilizes much of the calories that further results in fat loss.

Merits of consuming a high-fat diet:

Some best examples of high-fat foods are almonds, bacon, chocolates, cheese, avocado, salmon, meat, olives, etc. these are some of the food items which are low in carbohydrates and high in fats, and are easily available in the market. The list may also consist of butter, olive oil, coconut oil and cream.

The fats can be majorly sub-divided into two different categories, viz. good fats and bad fats. Good fats are the ones that included the food like fish, avocado, olive and nuts, which are proven to be much useful for human body. Whereas the bad fats such as vegetable fats that are present in groundnut, sunflower, soy, corn, etc. having a reactive nature and result into a damaged system of human body.

Taking into consideration the above points, let us go through some of the vital benefits of consuming high-fat diet:

  • Effective fat loss: If one wishes to lose fat, eating a high-fat diet can make it possible in an effective manner. It was a misconception previously about fat loss that it is only possible by consuming low-fat diet, but it has been proven wrong. People have now turned towards a high-fat dietary plan. As the carbohydrates are replaced by high-fat food, you can lose much of your fat. It also helps in increasing your metabolism, resulting in maintaining the best body composition.
  • Enhanced body composition: Consuming high amount of food rich in fats can help you in maintaining your body composition at an optimum level. The outer layer of your body i.e., cells, consist of fat itself. This helps in maintaining the optimum metabolism as these cells are more sensitive to insulin. The insulin sensitivity of the cells can be improved by replacing the carbohydrates with fats.
  • Muscle gain: The ability to gain muscle can be achieved by consuming good fats in proper quantity. Consumption of good fats helps to balance the hormones at a greater extent. The growth of hormones can be increased by consuming a high-fat diet that prevents decomposition of muscles. Hence, a healthy intake of fat along with a proper physical workout results in high level of muscle-gain.
  • Proper functioning of brain: A human brain consists of cholesterol and fats and the fats should be the beneficiary ones (fatty acids). Proper intake of fat helps in enhancing your mood and also proves to overcome depression. Depression is majorly a cause of lower levels of cholesterol and fats. So this can be overcome by high level of good fat consumption. For the optimum functioning of your brain, it should be made sure that it receives acceptable amount of DHA and saturated fat.
  • Optimum fertility: For the reproductive health to be better in case of both men and women, one must consume a higher fat diet. In case of women, the one and only cause of infertility is due to the lack of fats. Consumption of wrong fats leads to rise in complications from premenstrual syndrome, which is why their fertility levels are harmed. Same is in case of men. The higher the consumption of carbohydrates, the higher is the loss of free testosterones in men. Hence, to keep the reproductive health to the best optimum level, one must consume a high-fat diet.

  • Increased bone density: Lack of fats leads to a commonly observed bone issues known as ‘osteoporosis. It is the abnormal loss of bony tissue that results in fragile and porous bones, hence leading to lowered bone density. Calcium metabolism includes fats that help in building of bones. Saturated fats being the major building blocks for bone, they must be consumed to the best adequate levels for enhanced bone density.
  • Reduced risks of cancer: Consuming good fats results in high balanced levels of glucose management further reducing the risk of cancer. It has been proven scientifically that saturated fats help in lowering the effects of cancer, whereas on the contrary oils the progression of cancer. According to the survey made in 2013, it was seen that the risk of pancreatic cancer was lowered by good intake of high saturated fat. For this survey, test results of around 111,000 people were studied.

Some healthy fats for your body:

  • Avocados: Avocados are best known for their innumerable results as they have a high fat content and also one of the healthiest fruits one can consume. These are very rich in saturated fats, which help in lowering the level of bad cholesterol and raising the good ones.
  • Butter: Butter, cheese and other such dairy products contain high levels of saturated fats that prove useful in lowering the fat levels in one’s body. Not the butter containing vegetable-oils, but the raw butter has the best effect on human body.
  • Coconut oil: As the benefits of coconut oil are the best and are used by us on skin and hair, their richness in fatty acids that are easy for us to digest, improves brain functioning capability and also proves to be useful in raising the good cholesterol levels, further improving the heart health.
  • Olive oil: Most people are seen consuming olive oil in the form of food, which is highly beneficial as well. It reduces the risk of heart attack and other heart related issues, further lowering the risk of dying. The high content of antioxidants in olive oil avoids the damage of cells, and also help in proper functioning of your brain memory.

So, one should never avid a high-fat diet, as it has innumerable benefits over human body. These high-fat diets do no harm to your body, they help in optimum metabolism instead.

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